Competency-based course as e-learning

Online ladder course

It is the company's responsibility to have ladders inspected by a qualified expert at least every 12 months.

These mandatory inspections can be conducted by the company's own employees, and with a ladder course, employees receive guidance on the use and inspection of ladders.

The course is conducted as e-learning, allowing the participant to determine when and where to complete the course. It takes approximately 3 hours to finish the course, which must be completed within 2 months from the start of the course. The course begins when the participant has received login information for the course portal.

The content of the ladder course consists of:

  • Knowledge of ladder usage, maintenance, and inspection.
  • Legislation and focus areas.

Benefits of the ladder course

Participants gain knowledge of the current legislation in the ladder area, are capable of conducting mandatory ladder inspections in the workplace, and can provide guidance on ladder maintenance. Upon completing the course, documentation is provided. This documentation can be used as evidence that the participant has the competence to conduct ladder inspections.

Target Group

Anyone wishing to become qualified in the mandatory inspection of ladders.


The ladder course costs 1.995 DKK per participant.

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